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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Frankalanche of `04 Unearths Blogosphereic Gems

One link from IMAO and you're getting e-mail from Michelle Malkin. One link from IMAO and you are, in fact, getting so much e-mail that you don't at first notice one is from Michelle Malkin. Add in links from Bad Example, The Alliance, Brain Shavings, and Cornpone and it's enough to send your traffic level from "Woohoo!" to "I'm scared now!".

Thanks so much for everyone's support of the BPCP, and also to everyone who has sent in responses. I'll get you all added to the graph by the 15th of July ... and if anyone knows of some really powerful (and really cheap) graphing software, I'm in the market.

Anyway, I've been researching some of the respondent's blogs and one has struck me as particularly interesting. Al Barger's Cullpepper Log is bright, heartfelt, and forthright libertarianism. His post about the late Eugene Kemple is simply excellent and I reccommend reading all of it when you have a few minutes - it is especially valuable for all of my fellow Agnostics and Atheists. It turns out that Al is also running for one of Indiana's Senate seats on the Libertarian ticket; if you live in the Hoosier state and want to send a staunch and tough-but-compassionate individualist to Congress, I think Al is your guy. He's got a spot on my blogroll now in any case, so stop by and visit the Cullpepper Log often for a dose of smart, solid libertarian thought.

Later today I'll wrap up my posting about the Sudan debacle with a letter I'm writing to some folks in positions of power. Let's see if any of them have the courage to muster up a response.