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Friday, July 23, 2004

Cox & Forkum

For those of you who've never seen Cox & Forkum editorial cartoons (I imagine there aren't too many of you), consider this post a public service announcement.

Moore Smoke Posted by Hello

Unlike Ted Rall's seething, nigh-unreadable scribblings, Cox & Forkum's work is smart and really well-drawn. To go along with the cartoon (and riffing off a comment made by one of my roommates last night) here is a link to Fifty-Nine Deceits in Fahrenheit 9/11. Interesting that the original title was "Fifty-Six Deceits ...", but journalists kept discovering more so the list had to be expanded. Hat tip to C&F for the cartoon and the link.

Anyway, sorry for the lite post today. The truth is that I've been writing and writing and writing this week - for the blog, for work, and for other stuff - and I'm just not in the mood for an angry rant or insightful analysis today. Tomorrow I promise I'll have a good "Saturday Fun Stuff". Till then, I'm out.