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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Call Off the Dogs!

So it turns out that Secure Computing is run by decent folk after all; rockynogin reports that they have changed ProtestWarrior.com's status from "Hate Speech" to "Politics / Opinion".  I myself recieved an e-mail from David Burt, who assures me it was a mistake caused by filtering software.  That Secure Computing went through the effort to correct this so quickly (and politely) speaks volumes about their integrity.

On a side note:  Judging from the text of the e-mail from David, he must think I speak for ProtestWarrior in some official capacity, which I do not; I'm merely a rank-and-file member (which I'll let him know in my thank-you e-mail).  Anyway, he's obviously a decent and honest guy and thusly gets The Zoo's offical stamp of good human being-ness.  Yay David! 

And rockynogin is our man of the hour for discovering and investigating the unfair classification of ProtestWarrior.  Every last iota of credit for fixing this mistake goes to him.