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Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Due to a huge response to the BPCP I simply have to spend some of my blogging time this week getting started on the next update. So posts will be thin (but they will be here) this week; expect lots of links to what others are doing.

Today I refer you first to a Defense of Democracies article by Cristiana Brafman and Johnathan Snow called The Crisis in Darfur. It's up-to-date background information on exactly what's up with the Sudanese government's proxy war on Animists and Christians in that troubled region. Good thing Sudan sits on the UN Human Rights Commission ... otherwise there might be cause for worry.

(My original intention was to have a new "Vile Enemy of the Week: _____" each week, but I think Bashir and his cronies in Khartoum are vile enough to get two)

Next, rockynogin has a really good analysis of a comment Bill O'Rielly made last night about the left's new political hatchet man. I saw that story as well but I dismissed it as so much election year kerfluffle; local politics out Louisiana way have led rocky to think this kind of thing could be fairly important. After reading his post and thinking about it a bit I'm ready to agree with him.