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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Appeasement, Cowardice, and Payoffs

Michelle Malkin has been following the story of the Filipino pull-out from the coalition and has a few choice words about Arroyo's latest wretched, mealy-mouthed excuses.  Personally, I couldn't care less what that turncoat coward says at this point.  I've made my feelings clear here at The Zoo and in a number of comments over at Cold Fury as well.  Time for our troops and our dollars to come home.  Let's see you "work to create a more peaceful world" all alone while the Abu Sayyif crawl from island to island and encircle Manila.  What a damned fool she is.
But what I really find amazing is how Arroyo's government insists they're protecting The Philippines' millions of expat workers by caving in to terrorism.  As if this particular Iraqi insurgent group is going to convince all the other Islamofascist thugs and lawless brigands that Filipinos are off limits now that a single payoff has been made and one set of demands met.  Far more likely - almost certain, in fact - is that they're going to tell their philosophical brethren across the Asia-Pacific that Filipinos are an easy mark.  Truth is they won't have to tell them; extremists and bandits of all sorts have no doubt been watching this with great interest and are now hatching plans to capture their very own valuable Filipino hostages.
What is so goddamned hard about this concept:  Giving in to a bully brings on more bullying, not less.  And not just for the one who gives in, either; the entire playground can expect to be terrorized once such tactics have been shown to work.  Just how poor do your reasoning skills have to be not to see the obvious truth in this?
It's like we're dealing with people who've completely lost their survival instincts.  They think they can pull a Ghandi on tribal dictators and fascist thugs, and when they end up in a mass grave 10 or 20 years down the road it will take them completely by surprise.
"Why are you doing this - we gave you everything you wanted!"
"Not everything, Mrs. Arroyo.  You're still non-Muslim and breathing."