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Friday, June 04, 2004

Ssstone Sssexy: A Filthy Lie About Glen's T-Shirt Babe

Well, a lone arbitration spy made it back from the mission to discover what Evil Glen's t-shirts might look like and who might be modeling them. Only by using the mirror in her emergency makeup kit was our spy able to catch a glimpse and live to tell about it:

Instapundit t-shirt babe Posted by Hello

Looks like the exploits of Perseus might have been exaggerated a bit, hmmm? Those Greeks and their silly myths; next they'll be telling us they founded western civilization!

In unrelated news, arbitration intelligence at the zoo is hiring spies ... and selling remarkably lifelike statues.


(ed. note: The original art by Boris Vallejo - who I'm sure is far too kind, intelligent, and good-looking to sue the likes of me - can be seen here. Not work safe!)