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Monday, June 21, 2004

News From Here and There

The news from here is relatively minor: The Blogosphere Political Compass Project page has been updated. Those of you involved in it (and those who would like to be) can go check out what's happening with all that.

The news from there - specifically the Mojave Desert - is much more important: "10:51 a.m. ET: SpaceShipOne has been dropped from its mothership, the White Knight. Pilot Mike Melvill fired the rockets and SpaceShipOne is now rocketing toward space. Goal: 62 miles (100 kilometers) up, where Melvill will earn his astronaut wings. Under the rising Sun the rocket firing was visible to the thousands of shouting, whooping enthralled spectators." (from space.com)

Mankind's first privately-financed human spaceflight is underway. Good luck and Godspeed to Mike Melvill and his lovely maiden, SpaceShipOne.

SS 1 Flight Plan Posted by Hello

More about this later in the afternoon; politics and war can wait till tomorrow.