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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

More On Moore

Frank J. has linked to an NRO article by Jonah Goldberg about Michael Moore's new film. Unlike Goldberg I do intend on seeing Fahrenheit 9/11 once it hits DVD ("know thy enemy" and all that) but I agree completely with his take on Moore's character and intentions. Moore is not a documentarian, he's a propagandist. And those who think highly of his work are either politically naive and easily fooled or downright stupid and woefully illiberal.

Also, I remind all of you of Mike Wilson's Michael Moore Hates America film, which is coming out this summer. If you dislike and distrust Moore, see Wilson's movie to support his effort and see your views put to film for once. If you're a Moore fan, see it to get a look at how the other half of America thinks.