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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Libertarian, Not Conservative

I'm a Libertarian who supports this Republican President. I disagree with him on a lot of smaller issues, but I'm behind him 100% on the war and I think he's a basically good guy. There's no question who I'm voting for come November.

But every so often I'm reminded just how sharp the differences really are between Libertarians - who are hawkish and fiscally conservative but socially liberal - and genuine conservatives (particularly the religious right). Sondra of sondrak.com posts a letter by a Mom lashing out at the bigoted zealots who've tortured her gay son all of his life. I think the letter makes excellent points, and it's also heartbreaking. I feel for this kid, and for his Mother too.

And it makes me remember that some of the bedfellows I've made since September 2001 are a strange and uncomfortable sort for me; you folks who are in the AFA or the CC (or any other far-right religious organization) should remember that I am not on your side.