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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Filthy Lies, Zoo Style

Several weeks ago I e-mailed Harvey of Bad Example to suggest that The Alliance support Frank J. in his t-shirt babe war with Wizbang! (Evil Glen's evilest minion). Harvey thought it was something that was more the territory of Frank's fan clubs, and after he pointed that out I agreed. I had forgotten that there were Frank J. fan clubs.

But those tactical geniuses over at Alliance HQ have now decided to base a new filthy lie assignment on my idea: Who, or what, might be Evil Glen's t-shirt babe ... and what might those t-shirts look like? The mind shudders in revulsion at images too terrible to contemplate. Contemplate them we must, however, because eternal vigilance is the price of freedom in the blogosphere.

At this very moment arbitration spies from The Zoo are infiltrating the looming, obsidian-black t-shirt shops of Evil Glen's empire to discover what horrible secrets are contained therein.