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Monday, June 21, 2004

Capitalist Evil In Space!

Those crazy American capitalists and their wacky achievement-oriented culture. Their innovation and daring has brought so much to revile; cures for virulent diseases, moon landings, victory over fascism and communism ... and now look what they've done! Put a man in space with nothing but ambition, courage, and an investment of filthy money from private citizens!

Oh, why won't they embrace "third-way" social democracy like the wise and nuanced Europeans? Don't they see that a huge welfare class and a 30-hour work week are superior!?! Why won't they listen to us socialists? What do they think is so great about evil, evil capitalism?

Pilot Melvill Post-Flight Posted by Hello

The next time you hear some whiney far-left liberal spew out anti-capitalist nonsense like what you just read, show them the above picture and tell them you'll consider the value of socialism when the private citizens of any nation that embraces it can do what Mike Melvill did today. Then smack them over the head with a copy of Atlas Shrugged until they wise up.

Congratulations to everyone at Scaled Composites! A job astoundingly well done.