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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Blogosphere Political Compass Project (updated 21June04)

The plan for the Blogosphere Political Compass Project is currently as follows:

Twenty bloggers have been invited to take the Political Compass quiz and then send their results to me for posting. I have received just over a dozen responses, plus a couple from folks who were not on my original pilot list but who were kind enough to take the quiz and send me their results; this is strongly encouraged. I want lots of bloggers sending me results, there is just no way I can send out hundreds and hundreds of invitations. If you are a blogger who wants to have your results from the Political Compass quiz posted here, just take it and e-mail them to me. Be sure to include your name (or your nom de blog) and the name of your blog.

I'm sending out twenty more invitations today, including five to some of the true blogosphere giants. If any of you have some personal leverage with Frank J., Bill Whittle, Andrew Sullivan, Glen Reynolds, or Kos I ask you to beg, cajole, and threaten them into submiting their quiz results to this project.

Anyway, my next step is to create a large graph and add the positions of all the respondents to it; when I have twenty bloggers to chart I'll do so. Then the graph will be updated twice a month (1st and 15th) with further responses as they come in. Remember that every blogger who sends a response will be visited to make sure it actually is coming from a blogger, and anything that looks suspicious will be checked into thoroughly before it's posted. Also, I'll be temporarily linking each blog that sends a response; there will be a "New to the Project" list of links that will be updated along with the graph.


Note: One of the original invitees (Nathan Newman of nathannewman.org) has let me know that something like this was attempted in the past. The Deltiod Political Compass Survey met with mixed results, and I hope to outdo it in number of respondents, breadth of sample, and coolness of graph. So keep'em coming in.