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Tuesday, May 11, 2004


The Zoo has learned that war was declared between IMAO and Wizbang! earlier this morning. Apparently the thieving jackals over at Wizbang! have absconded with the runner up from Frank J.'s t-shirt babe contest. Willow will now be hawking their products in direct competition with Sarah, IMAO's heavily-armed spokesmodel.

Arbitration Intelligence at The Zoo has been investigating the sudden and mysterious transformation of Willow from loyal IMAO t-shirt babe competitor into imperialist Wizbang! running dog. Evidence now points to the possibility that Orbital Mind Control Lasers (OMCL) were used.

Members of The Alliance are hereby notified of this potential menace. Remember that the only known protection against OMCLs is an IMAO Nuke the Moon t-shirt. Tinfoil hats - popular among socialists for their ability to reflect VRWC telepathic spy beams - are not effective against the OMCL threat.

Further information will be posted as events warrant.