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Tuesday, May 04, 2004


Okay, so I'm way behind on posting now. Saturday night ended up being more than just a couple beers with a buddy; it turned into many drinks with several friends at a casino ... till 6 am. Ugh. I only go out and whoop it up like that once in a while nowadays, so those of you with puritanical dispositions will just have to get past my once-a-month debauchery. Believe me, I am much improved over my college days.

So, first off, some news: The beautiful and well-armed Sarah of Mountaineer Musings has won Frank J.'s t-shirt babe contest. Long may she reign. Some of the runners-up include Serenity of Serenity's Journal and The Whomping Willow's uber-lass Willow.

Two who deserve special mention, however, are BerkleyChick and BerkleyGirl, who write for The California Patriot. These young ladies are manning the fort of liberty in the socialist wasteland of Berkley, California, so go give Reva and Carissa a read.

Secondly, the hole dug for all of us by a few cruel and irresponsible bastards is just getting deeper and deeper. I'll have a whole post on the subject later this afternoon, so for now just read the links and try not to vomit on your keyboard in disgust.

Last but certainly not least, Bill Whittle has a new post up. It's not one of his awe-inspiring essays. It is, in fact, about airplanes and his recent trip to Lakeland, FL for the big air show they have every year (Lakeland is about a 45-minute drive from my house, so I'm familiar with it). But I know I have a least one reader who is into all things aeronautical and Bill is interesting to read even when he's being an aviation geek, so linkage has been provided.

Later today there will be a post with much anger and soapbox-standing. Stay tuned.