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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Lime's End

Frank J. over at IMAO has finally issued The Limey his coup de grace. Never before has a defeated socialist moron swayed to and fro in semiconsiousness for so long, the sensei shouting "Finish Him!" But I understand why Frank waited so long; if capitalism had actually ended on May 1st we all would have looked pretty silly.

But, alas, all appears well within the empire. Why, I personally oppressed several proletariat on my way to the pool this morning. Later I plan on disenfranchising someone. Probably the poor, but maybe an ethnic minority instead. We'll see.

Personally, I'm glad to see the end of Tony Pentin's time in the, uh ... limelight. He was marginally entertaining in the way that all self-destructive people are, but after three or four episodes it got repetitive. And just in case anyone is thinking "awww, how mean of Frank and his readers to pick on that poor Limey ... I bet he wasn't that bad", you should remember that this is the idiot child who mocked the victims of September 11th.

He can line up right behind the Abu Ghraib prison guards for a hiking boot to the teeth.