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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Freedom of the Press(ed Ham)

The New York Press printed my letter to the editor concerning Alexander Zaitchik's spin piece, "Savagery All Around". It didn't get in unedited (having worked at a newspaper for several years I know that's not uncommon) and they gave it a snarky title, but at least they had the stones to print it. Plans to fly to NYC and moon their Editor-in-Chief have been put on indefinite hold.

The letter is here for those who'd like to see it for themselves; scroll down to "The War on Error". Following my letter is one from Australia that, I think, accurately displays the mentality and eloquence of the far left.

Tomorrow I promise much ado about politics and war.


Update: I just realized a couple things. They left out the part about Zaitchik calling Nick Berg's murder "kosher", and they printed the phrase "court-martials" instead of "courts-martial". Personally I think it's pretty cool that I know it's "courts-martial" and I wanted to flaunt my worldliness ... now they've made me look as stupid as a liberal newspaper editor. An angry e-mail is on it's way, you betcha.