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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Freedom! Horrible, Horrible Freedom!

Remember how summer was so much fun when you were a kid? Even if you were a teenager that had to work (I did) you still had lots of time to sleep in, hang out with your loser friends, and generally do nothing. Not so when you're 34 and working on a Master's degree. Damnit.

The semester ended at USF this week, so next week I go back to work full time (I had cut it down to 32 hours while in school). No more getting up at 9 am on Monday and Wednesday, and no more getting home at 4 pm on those days either. Now I'm back to 40+ hours of plain old work, just like the rest of you suckers. Until fall session starts, anyway.

At least I have the rest of today to be a layabout; I think I'll go hang out by the pool and then have a late lunch. Ah, freedom ... thou art fleeting.

Tonight there will be a post of my first Alliance assignment - a filthy lie about The Puppy Blending Nun Beater!


Update: I just got my grades. An "A+" in Survey of Ancient History and a "B" in The Age of Alexander. Seeing as that's exactly what I had going into finals, both professors could have just let me skip the exam and saved all of us a lot of trouble. Silly professors.